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Ahmad Shawal’s leap to become millionaire agro-entrepreneur

KUALA LUMPUR: Ahmad Shawal Mispan(pix) nearly went insane after a construction company he set up when he was still in his teens hit rock bottom.

This agro-entrepreneur, who was 27-years-old and then enjoying the luxury of life being a young millionaire, owning various assets and luxury vehicles, was stumped when he found himself penniless and in debts.

He was emotionally stressed, his life turned haywire and most of the time living in isolation, whereby he was often seen on his own under a bridge, thus regarded as mentally unstable by the community.

Fortunately, his parents, father Mispan Zaidin, 73, and mother, Siti Khatijah Musanif, 63, was quick to see the changes in their son and acted quickly to ‘save’ him and restore his confidence that Ahmad Shawal was able to get up on his feet again and start life anew by venturing into the agro sector.

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