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Nurturing The Next Generation Of Young Agropreneurs

The agriculture sector has been an important part of Malaysia’s economy for decades. In 2019, the sector contributed a total of 7.1 percent to the country’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) with major agricultural activities being crop farming, fisheries and livestock production.

However, the agriculture sector in Malaysia is an aging sector. Only 15 percent of the Malaysian youth population are involved in the sector. Currently the main workforce and key players in the agriculture sector are those of the older generation. This in part is due to the lack of interest and the overall misconception and poor perception among the youths towards the agriculture sector.

To address this issue, the Young Agropreneur Unit (UAM) was established in 2013 under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI). Since then, UAM has been making strides in the last couple of years to increase youth participation in agriculture.


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