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Sarawak has the advantages for having the conducive environment for mud crab hatchery production, which is a relatively recent innovation industry in the State. The preferred habitat of mud-crabs is mangrove forest or swamp, typically associated with sheltered tropical to subtropical estuaries and embayments.

With recent R&D, industry development and extension of technology from the Department of Agricultural, Sarawak and local producers, mud-crab farming has the potential to boost up the rural population economically.

According to the interview of Umang Jabu from NeoCrab with TVS in their Agritek Programmes, there is high demand of Sarawak soft shell crabs from Korea due to the production of soft shell crab method which is by natural molting. However, the production of soft shell crab from Sarawak has yet to fulfill their demand and thus more and more soft shell crab producers and farming are encouraged to venture into the industry.

Umang Jabu, as one of the successful board members of Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Sarawak (PPNS) is welcoming local farmers to join in this booming industry. They are currently open for contract farming opportunity, do visit to their website at to find out more.



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