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Three farmers prove that being landless is not a barrier to achieving success in farming

Many individuals are blessed to have inherited farmlands from their ancestors. This helps them continue what their families have started. Others acquire their own agricultural property to start a farm, optimize productivity, and have full control of the land.
Then there are those who prefer renting land for farming for various reasons. Although others may see it as a disadvantage compared to owning one’s own farmland, some of its benefits include the following: (1) it requires less capital to renovate an old farm as opposed to building a new one from scratch, (2) it shortens the time before operations can start, and (3) it excludes property taxes in the farm’s overhead costs.

In any of these scenarios, owning land must not be the only measure of success in agriculture. There are several tangible and intangible elements that are involved in making farming fruitful and rewarding.

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