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The Real Difference Between Red And Yellow Bananas

We love bananas. They’re a great source of potassium, are naturally sweet, and easy to have on the go. We love to have them on top of pancakes, in bread, and even as a candy flavor.

They are usually easy to spot in the produce section of most supermarkets, grouped together in pods called “hands” or sometimes alone as “fingers” (via Best Food Facts). According to The Rainforest Alliance, these bananas are called Cavendish bananas and are very popular in North America and Europe.

But have you heard about red bananas, let alone, know about them? Probably not. They’re smaller than yellow bananas and originated from Southeast Asia, according to Healthline. The red banana is one of over 1,000 subgroups of bananas, which includes the Cavendish banana that we know and love.

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