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Anjung Usahawan a boon to traders and buyers alike

BALINGIAN: Farmers here and its surrounding areas will now find it easier to market their produce, thanks to the Anjung Usahawan Balingian, which started operations last Sunday (June 27).

With more than 50 stalls, this building is not only a boon to the farmers, most of whom come from Kuala Tatau, Kuala Balingian, Balingian and Selangau, but also visitors.

Kamri Dairi, representing Anjung Usahawan Balingian traders, thanked the Sarawak government for approving a grant to construct a roofed extension there.

“With the completion of this project, the hawkers, who previously traded on the sidewalks of the market, now have a more organised and comfortable place to do business.


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