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Support Local Products – Buy BORCA Chocolates and D’ Mummy’s Recipe Fish Products

Those interested to try out made-in-Sarawak chocolates and fish products, you can try BORCA chocolates and D’ Mummy’s Recipe fish products.  Regina Anak Lambor from Lubok Antu is the entrepreneur behind these two brandnames.  She is also a member of PPK Engkilili and a member of PeladangNita Negeri Sarawak.

BORCA Chocolates

There are many flavours to choose from – Madu Kelulut (Stingless Bee Honey), Terung Dayak or Terung Asam (Sour Eggplant), Buah Empit or Empelajo (Almond-like Nut), Fragrant and Black Rice, Gula Apong (Nipah Palm Sugar), Black Pepper and Black Ginger, Hill Salt and Durian.

D’ Mummy’s Recipe

Some of her popular fish products are Pekasam Ikan Tilapia Merah Batang Ai and Ikan Masin Jelawat Batang Ai.

You can drop an email to Regina Anak Lambor at [email protected] or contact her directly at +6011-19863407

To visit her website, please click:

Her success story was also published at New Sarawak Tribune on 27 January 2021 at this link:


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