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State Farmers’ Organisation Sarawak (SFO) is a corporate organisation established on 2nd January 1986 under the Farmers’ Organisation Act 109, 1973.  It is under the purview of the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Sarawak (MANRED).

The organisation has a total membership of 28 Area Farmers’ Organisation (AFOs), which represent 174,059 members.  The Permanent Secretary of MANRED is the Registrar Representative of Farmers’ Organisation in Sarawak and represents the Farmers’ Organisation Board in Kuala Lumpur.


A strong organisation and progressive member farmers


Elevating member farmers’ socio-economic status

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To supply members with agricultural inputs and daily necessities of reliable quality and at a reasonable price.


To provide farmers with marketing services and other related activities.


For storage of weedicide, insecticide, fertilizer and other farm equipment to meet members seasonal, requirement


To embark on processing of major agricultural produce such as pepper, paddy and coconut.

Transportation and farm mechanization service

To provide transportation and farm mechanism service for members.

Welfare and Social Activities

Localized programs that include incentives to members’ children in academic achievement and relief fund to deceased members’ family.

State Farmers' Organisation, Sarawak


State Farmers' Organisation, Sarawak


YB. Datuk Dr. Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Ismail


YB. Tuan Dennis Ngau

Board of Director

Encik Peturs @ Petrus Igat Anak Mathias

Board of Director

Tuan Haji Kenil Bin Haji Jarai'ie

Board of Director

Penghulu Jos @ George Anak Manggi

Board of Director

Tr. Boniface Bada Anak Enjah

Board of Director

Pemanca Tony Kulleh @ Tunie Uley

Board of Director

Encik Osaman Bin Keri

Board of Director

Tuan Haji Khushiri Bin Salleh

Board of Director

YB Tuan Azizul Annuar Bin Adenan

Board of Director

(Peladang Muda)

Puan Umang Nangku Jabu

Board of Director


State Farmers' Organisation, Sarawak


Gom Ak Raway

General Manager

[email protected]

Gloria Nanang

Head of Corporate Affairs & Marketing

[email protected]

Seraphina Dominic Gisong

Head of Agricultural Inputs & Logistics Services

[email protected]

Magerate Nanyang Ak Senin

Head of Business Development & Procurement

[email protected]

Dickson Kedum

Head of Agriculture Devt & Farm Mech. Services

[email protected]

Wennie Ak Anthony Paing

Head of Accounts & Finance

[email protected]

Elmas Ebau

Head of Human Resource & Administration

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